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Ohm Brewing Company

Only the coolest brewery in Golden Colorado


Dad started brewing with his sons. It was the usual sort of beginning with pots, pans, jugs and the kitchen stove. Over time, the hobby turned in to a passion. We moved out of the kitchen to the back yard and built increasing complicated brew systems and refined our recipes.

Dad's Story
Back in the early '80s, before kids, the internet, cell phones, Doug started brewing beer. Inspired by trying to find something better than commercial stuff and a trip to Munich which at the time had over 150 breweries. Every restaurant had one in the basement. It was the usual pot on the kitchen stove using extracts. I was in LA at the time and finding materials was hard. There was a single store in San Fernando Valley, 20 miles away, that had supplies and a couple of recipe books. At the same time, I was helping a couple of friends making wine. The processes were similar, get something with sugar, add yeast, keep it sterile, let the junk settle out and bottle it up. We got our grapes from Northern California. At the time, the growers would allow people to buy the grapes they didn't want, to make "family" wine. A long standing tradition of the local Italian community. We got pretty good and even thought about going commercial. In the end, it was easier and more lucrative being computer engineers. We did learn a valuable lesson. Wine is really made in the vineyard; the wine makers job is not to mess it up. You only get one chance a year; be careful, very, very careful. 20 years later after raising kids and moving home to Colorado, I returned to brewing. Wow what a change. The craft brew explosion had happened, good beer was easy to get and there were dozens of books and internet groups all about beer. A Rip Van Winkle moment. I was fortunate, the kids loved beer and they had lots of friends. We started brewing small batches most weekends and quickly out grew the pot on the stove. We got a lot experience in a few years.

Ian's Story
Ian grew up in the family side business - buying and managing apartment buildings. Dad learned to do most of the maintenance trades necessary and Ian was always watching. After high school, Ian decided he liked working with his hands more than college and started a handy man business. Years passed and Ian became a general contractor specializing in home remodeling.

Our Story
One day, Ian called me. I was living in South Carolina at the time and asked if I would like to start a brewery with him We had both come to the point we would like to do something besides our day jobs. We decided to turn our passion into a neighborhood brewery. I am very proud to say that Ian did all of the organization, finding space, architects, sub-contractors... everything that it takes to set up a brewery. I came back to Colorado in time to help with first brews. Damn, that was hard work, especially for someone that had been behind a desk for years. We both agree that we wouldn't change a thing. Ohm Brewing is a nano brewing company dedicated to making beers that we, and hopefully you, like. We don't chase fads, but like to experiment with different styles.